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There is nothing better than listening to a really good playlist to put you in a good mood. Whether your going out, exercising or just relaxing around the pool on holiday, music always finds a way to make you feel that little bit better. Recently I downloaded the app Spotify and I have been absolutely loving it. Spotify is a music app that lets you listen to all different types of playlists/songs/albums without actually downloading them to your phone. It is free to use, but you can also upgrade to premium which is £9.99 a month which cuts out all the adverts and lets you skip as many songs as you like. Today I thought i’d share with you some of my favourite playlists that I have been loving throughout summer and the ones which always put me in a good mood.

Happy Hits! by Spotify



This playlist is FULL of good classic pop songs, some older and some new, but I guarantee you’ll hardly ever skip.


Anna and Lily’s Teenage Throwback Playlist by Anna Gardner


If you love throwback classics, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s, then you’ll love this. There are so many good classics on this playlist, it will keep you dancing for hours.


Acoustic Covers by Spotify


This is a really good chilled out playlist and perfect if you like listening to this type of music, also has a good selection of songs.


Girls’ Night by Spotify


Again this playlist is another good one for getting ready before a night out or if your having a girly night in, lots of classic songs and it puts you in a good mood.


Hot Hits UK by Spotify UK


This is the playlist I tend to listen to when I want to keep up to date with the newest songs being released in the UK. Saves me buying them through iTunes.


So there are my playlists that I’ve been loving this summer. If you have Spotify, make sure you check them out and let me know if there’s any playlists you’ve been enjoying that you think I might enjoy 🙂 xo.

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  1. Jasmin N
    25/07/2016 / 6:18 pm

    I’ve been listening to that Acoustic Covers list for a while now and it’s really good. I’m going to check others that you’ve mentioned in this post too 🙂

    <3: Jasmin N

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