Get ready with me…

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a ‘little’ shopping trip to Westfield Stratford City. I love shopping, I love having a whole day out planned to do lots of shopping too. Those days are definitely some of the best. We literally shopped until my arms kills and I had blisters on my feet, to say it was successful was an understatement. (going to do another post on what I got soon so stay tuned for that 🙂 ) Anyways, whilst getting ready I decided I was going to do a post on ‘getting ready with me’, as I changed up a few make up bits that I normally wear and also thought my outfit was pretty decent for a little shopping trip (although I don’t have a full length picture of what I was wearing but it’s pretty easy to picture it)

Make up: IMG_0622 (2)IMG_0624 (2)IMG_0630 (2)IMG_0638 (2)

I went for quite a natural look again (my favourite), digging out my Maybelline Lash Sensational and The Nudes palette. I also gave my new Kylie Lip Kit a go today and I’m in love!!!! Little tip, if your after a Lip Kit, have a nose about on eBay. They’re cheaper and you beat the custom charge, just make sure you look at the reviews on the seller so you know that they’re genuine.

Hair:IMG_0634 (2)IMG_0636 (2)

I decided to go for a half up half down look with my hair. This hairstyle is my favourite at the moment, I much prefer wearing it down then tying it up at the front, means no messy hair in my face – its a win win! Also I am actually quite lucky as the little waves you can see are all natural.

Shoes:IMG_0632 (2).JPG

I think that every girl should have sparkly trainers in their wardrobe. . . These are so pretty! And very comfy despite the blisters but i’m putting that down to them being new. I got these little beauty’s from Teamed with my shoes were plain black leggings and a white shirt.

I loved my shopping day out and felt so comfy, cool and relaxed all day. Think this is definitely my new favourite outfit to shop in 🙂 xo.

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