My Autumn Wishlist

Like everyone else (so it seems), Autumn is my FAVOURITE season of the year. I love the cold crisp sunny mornings, drinking 10 cups of tea a day and I love Autumn clothes. Well mainly the layering of clothes and the big chunky scarfs that make you feel so snug. I’m not a very fashionable girl, I normally end up buying a couple of jumpers, scarfs and hats and end up living in them for two months but I do enjoy being cosy rather than looking amazing. As I am currently doing slimming world, I have decided to set myself mini goals over the next few months and once I reach those goals, I’ll buy myself something from my wishlist below. I think it’s a good incentive to keep me on track and to reward myself by doing so.

(I have linked the website, just click on the title)







Which Autumnal fashion sites have you been loving? Are you excited for Autumn? 🙂 xo.

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