Christmas Decorations on a budget

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. I love how cosy and magical everything looks in my home and it obviously gets me even more excited for Christmas. As much as I love it, it can be quite expensive, so today I thought I’d share with you how I’ve decorated my flat with good but cheap Christmas decorations. 

Fairy lights on the bed; Poundland £1 

Bedding; ASDA £16 

Christmas Tree; B&Q 

Baubles; Next £10 & £6 

Light up Snowman; Poundland £1 

Snowman Tea light holder; Poundland £1

Both wall hangings; Poundland £1 

Star; Morrisons 

Fairy lights on tree; Morrisons

Wreath; Morrisons £8 

Christmas Countdown; Wilkos £4

Wooden Bunting; The Works £3
I obviously don’t have loads of decs up as I only have two rooms in my flat that I can decorate but I hope this has helped anyone out struggling to find some cheaper ones. Where do you get all your decorations from? Do you prefer more expensive ones or cheaper ones? 🙂 xo.  

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