My Travel Bucket List Abroad

This year I only have one holiday planned (which is Cyprus for my best friends wedding which I am very excited about) so I thought I’d share with you my travel bucket list. I am currently saving for a house this year so a lot of these places I won’t be able to afford just yet, but I definitely need to go to all of these places at some point in my life.


 New York 


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So I obviously would LOVE to visit New York. Everything about it excites me, the food, the beautiful buildings, the shops, the site seeing opportunities, just everything. I fell in love with New York after watching Gossip Girl, I’d love to go and stand in the places they’ve been and every year I say to my boyfriend that we should go. It’s definitely top of my bucket list. My only issue is when to go, it looks amazing in winter and at Christmas time, but would it be better to go in the summer? If you’ve ever been, be sure to let me know.




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I think it’s most peoples dream to visit the Maldives. I mean, you only need to google it to fall in love with it. The white sandy beaches, the clear blue sea, the amazing views of just sea and sky and from what I’ve seen, the people are very friendly there too. It also looks very peaceful, which on a relaxing holiday is the absolute best. I would love to visit the Maldives for my honeymoon one day. How perfect would that be?



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A few of my friends have been to Ibiza and have said how lovely it is. I’d love to rent a villa with a group of my friends for a week, relax in the day and party in the night. It would be perfect for a birthday or just for getting away for a week in the sunshine. Ibiza is only a few hours away on the plane too which is handy for a quick getaway. Anyone else fancy coming with me!?


Rio de Janerio


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Ever since the Olympics were hosted in Brazil I have been dying to go. It looks like such a fun place as well as relaxing. Those beaches look amazing and I would love to visit the Christ Redeemer statue and the Sugarloaf Mountain. Brazil in general is on my bucket list but the first place I’d love to go is here.




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I’ve watched so many programmes and films that are set in LA, I have fallen in love with the place and really, really neeed to go. My actual dream would be to move here, I love the thought of waking up everyday to bright blue skies and the sunshine. Something that doesn’t happen very often in the UK. It always make me want to get up and be productive. I love the look of everything in LA, the buildings, the scenery and the houses always look amazing!


What places are on your travel bucket list? Have you been or going to any of these places? I’m hoping to visit some of these in the near future when I’ve saved up enough money 🙂 xo.



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