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My boyfriend and I like to go out for food on date nights quite a bit, but we’re not very adventurous when it comes to going to different places. We like going to the same place most of the time as I know what food is on the menu so we’d never be disappointed. Also, we don’t really have the money to constantly try new restaurants that are a little more pricey. However, this year we are going to try and save up a little bit each month and try a few new restaurants to broaden our horizons.

In the meantime I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places to eat and why and maybe give you some inspiration to try something different. Some of these aren’t actually restaurants but are still sit down places and fill me up as much as a full meal would.

W A S A B I : Sushi & Bento


Wasabi is mainly only in London and one in Bluewater in Kent and its Sushi and Bento (which means rice, meat or fish with veg in a takeaway container – as shown in the picture). I don’t like Sushi but I absolutely love the Chicken Katsu Curry (obvs) that they do. It’s my favourite place to go now when I’m out shopping and definitely fills me up.


T G I  F R I D A Y ‘ s : American

TGI Fridays is probably the place we eat the most in. The food is amaaaaazing and really filling. Its the perfect type of place for a birthday meal or an evening out with friends. They have a lot of food to offer on the menu and loooooads of cocktails. Definitely one of my top favourite places to eat and you can find one in pretty much any city.

H A R V E S T E R : Pub Food


The Harvester is one of the cheapest ‘pub lunch’ restaurants I’ve ever been to especially with the quality of food too. You get so much for the price you pay aaannnddd there’s a FREE salad cart that you can use whenever you purchase a main meal. It’s brilliant and they have a refill drinks machine too, we only normally end up spending about £20 whenever we go. Another fab recommendation and their are loads in the UK.


W A G A M A M A S : Japanese


Wagamamas serves Asian food inspired by the flavours of Japan. Another place that serves my beloved Chicken Katsu Curry, it’s just a little bit more pricey here as its a sit down restaurant. However, you can order a takeaway from here on deliveroo (I can not wait until deliveroo deliver to my flat!!!!). Definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes Japanese food.


G B K : Gourmet Burger Kitchen


GBK is one of the best burger places I’ve ever been too. They have a lot of different burgers you can choose from and I absolutely love the skinny fries that they do and also the peri salt. If you are ever looking for a burger place in main cities, definitely head to this place. A reasonable priced restaurant which is also on deliveroo.


N A N D O S : Chicken


Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? If you haven’t heard of this place then you must of been living under a rock. Good chicken, good sides and fast service (I’ve always found it to be really fast anyways) at cheap prices, whats not to love if you love chicken!?


F I V E  G U Y S : American Fast Food


Oh em geeeee, Five Guys is literally the best fast food place. I must admit it is expensive considering it is fast food and quite annoying that you have to buy everything separately, but I do think its worth it and fills me up more than any other fast food place would. They also now deliver in some places which is definitely a bonus.


What are your favourite places or restaurants that you enjoy? Which is the best places you’d recommend? Like I said we want to try some new places so would love loads of ideas 🙂 xo.

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