Valentine’s LUSH Haul


Over the past year I have become completely obsessed with LUSH and especially their bath bombs. I was so excited (and a little late) to see that they had released a whole load of new bath bombs and bubble bars ready for Valentine’s Day. Today I thought I’d go through with you everything I’ve got, which are still available in the stores and online right now. These are absolutely perfect as gifts for your partners or friends and family, and as well as all the individuals, they have some really cute packaged ones too, so definitely check them out here.


Bubble bars.. You break off a chunk of these and crumble under a running tap for lots and lots of bubbles. I got;

Ladybird;  £3.95

Lovestruck;  £4.25 

Unicorn Horn;  £4.25


Bath bombs.. Drop into a warm bath and watch while your bomb fizzes away releasing colour and beneficial essential oils. I got;

Cupid; £2.95

Lover Lamp; £4.25

Rose Bombshell; £4.25 

Sex Bomb; £3.50 


So if you are big into your baths and you are looking for a last minute Valentines Day present for someone, I’d definitely recommend one of these. Which are your favourite Valentines Day LUSH products? 🙂 xo.

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