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You might of noticed that I mention my boyfriend sometimes on my blog, but haven’t properly introduced him. He’s not really into social media (doesn’t have twitter or Instagram) and hates having his photo taken so I rarely upload any photo’s of him. So since it’s valentines day today I thought I’d do the boyfriend tag to introduce him and for you to get to know a bit more about us together. These are some of the questions I found online and we took it in turns to answer.


Where did we meet?  

  • Both: We met when we both worked in Morrisons in Cardiff.

Where was our first date? 

  • Both: Our first date was the cinema.
  • Me: Dave put my address in his sat nav and it took him 20 minutes the wrong way and then we didn’t really talk much during the cinema haha.
  • Dave: Our second date was a lot better, except us watching a strange film (spring breakers).

What was your first impression of me? 

  • Me: I thought you looked handsome in your uniform and you seemed really brainy.
  • Dave: I thought you were really cute.
  • Me: N’awwww thats really sweet haha.

How long have we been together? 

  • Both: 3 years and 10 months.

What was our first road trip? 

  • Both: We went to Alton Towers for a couple of days a few months after getting together. Was such a fun few days.

What do we argue about the most? 

  • Me: You using everythinggggg up and not replacing it.
  • Dave: Milk, (he’s always using it up and never tells me) and driving.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

  • Both: We both wear the pants, we’re definitely quite equal.

What is my eye colour? 

  • Me: You’ve got brown eyes.
  • Dave: Blue. I think.
  • Me: Yes I have blue eyes.

What is my shoe size? 

  • Me: Ummmm i’d say you have 9 or 10?
  • Dave: 4 and a half!

What would I eat every day if I could? 

  • Me: You’d definitely eat chicken salad sandwiches or chicken katsu curry.
  • Dave: Chicken, chicken pakora and chicken katsu curry.

What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday? 

  • Me: Carrot cake orrrrrr Madeira.
  • Dave: Big massive chocolate cake.

When was our first kiss? 

  • Both: When we got really drunk and snogged in a nightclub hahaha!

Who said ‘I love you’ first? 

  • Me: Meeeeeeee.

What is one thing I do that you wish I didn’t? 

  • Me: I wish you would listen to me more when I’m talking haha.
  • Dave: Snore. (hahahahahah whoops)

What is my favourite restaurant? 

  • Me: Harvester or Wasabi.
  • Dave: TGI Fridays.

What is one food I don’t like? 

  • Me: You definitely don’t like prawns and I think thats only it.
  • Dave: Cream.

What’s my favourite sandwich? 

  • Me: Chicken Salad or Tuna mayo.
  • Dave: Chicken Salad.

What is my favorite cereal?

  • Me: You literally eat any cereal and it normally changes every week haha.
  • Dave: You don’t really eat cereal but Id probably say rice crispies.
  • Me: Definitely prefer Cocopops.

What is my favorite music?

  • Dave: One Direction.
  • Me: Ohhhh yea definitely! You are totally obsessed with Christmas music hahaha!

What is my favorite sports team?

  • Me: Cardiff shitty!
  • Dave: Welsh Rugby Team (of course)

What do I spend hours doing? 

  • Me: You spend hours on the playstation!!
  • Dave: Blogging and watching YouTube.

If I could live anywhere, where would it be? 

  • Me: I think you’d like to live in Australia. Mine begins with L.
  • Dave: Las Vegas?
  • Me: Nope, close….
  • Dave: LA!!!
  • Me: I would LOVE to live in LA for sure.


So that is a little bit about me and Dave. Hope you’ve got to know us as a couple a little more and I hope you all have a fantastic Valentines day whatever you decide to do 🙂 xo.


    • kiirstenjones
      14/02/2017 / 5:40 pm

      Thank you very much 😊 xx

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