Looking back at old photo’s

It’s one of my favourite things to do looking through old photo’s, whether it be from when I was really young, when I was in school or even just a few years ago, I bloody love it. I reactivated an old Facebook a couple of weeks ago and I found some golden oldies that I love and I just have to share with you all. I’m quite sad looking at a few of these as I’m a LOT skinnier in most of them but they all make me smile thinking back of the memories. So enjoy and let me know if you like looking back on old photo’s and why 🙂 xo.

(sorry about the quality in some of these, obviously the camera’s weren’t the greatest back in the day!)


IMG_3168 IMG_3167


Oh dear!

IMG_3222IMG_3217IMG_0180IMG_3203IMG_3196 IMG_3188IMG_3186  IMG_3176IMG_3174 IMG_3171  IMG_0474IMG_3199IMG_3179IMG_0553fullsizeoutput_43





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