Hitting Writer’s Block..

Judging by the title of this you may realise that I’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to my blog.. aka “writers block”. I have so many idea’s floating around in this little head of mine but when I come to typing something out I just freeze, give up and end up watching 3 hours of Netflix instead.

Every now and then I find myself going through other blogs and really doubting myself as a blogger. I read so many amazing posts and wonder why I can’t come up with any that are that good and the ones I do come up with I sometimes feel like I don’t have the confidence to share with the world. I compare myself to too many people these days and today is where I draw the line and stop. I am my own, individual person and I can write about what I like and how I like.

I also need to stop worrying about not getting a post done or only posting once a week. I have to admit I would much rather read a really good post that’s had some thought and effort put into it, rather than a rushed post that’s been quickly put up just for the sake of it. I definitely just need to put more time and effort into one post rather than worrying about putting up loads. I really am looking forward to getting back into focus this week and writing lots more blog posts for the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully today I’ve managed to get myself out of this little block I’m in and have helped anyone else who is going through this at the moment. It’s okay, we all go through it at some point and eventually we will find our way back to it. If anyone has any suggestions on any more blog posts be sure to let me know, I’d love new ideas 🙂 xo.

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