Holiday Checklist

There is nothing worse than opening your suitcase when you arrive at your hotel or apartment after a long journey to realise you’ve forgotten something you really need. Whether it’s your pj’s, your toothbrush or even your favourite pair of flip flops, today I thought I’d run through a list I’ve prepared for myself so that I (and now hopefully you) won’t forget anything for holiday. Grab your pen and paper…..

  1. PASSPORT!!! – Obviously the main priority as you won’t be leaving the country without it!
  2. Money! – Don’t forget to change your money over and I always like to take some English money with me too, just incase.
  3. Toothbrush/Toothpaste – I’ve bought a new toothbrush and toothpaste just so I can pack it away so I definitely won’t forget it.
  4. Dry Shampoo – I found a mini one in primark for £1.. Bargain!!
  5. Underwear – I sometimes get so caught up in which bikini to pack that I actually forget underwear.. Whoops.
  6. Magicool – If you haven’t heard of magicool, definitely check it out here. Its amazing and certainly cools me down on holiday (in fact, I need this whilst I’m in the UK too).
  7. Bobbles/Hair pins – I’m one of these people who love dressing up and doing my hair and make up all nice for when I’m travelling on holiday. So because my hair is down, I always forget to pack my bobbles and bobby pins – don’t you forget too.
  8. Towel – I know most hotels provide a towel service for the beach and pool but don’t forget to pack another one just incase.
  9. TOTM Supplies – Girllllls, anything can happen to your body whilst you’re away, even if you’re not due on, don’t forget to pack a few bits just incase.
  10. Suncream – Whenever I’ve gone away the shop in the hotel always has suncream, but to save yourself money you are so much better off buying it before you go.
  11. Razor – Once I’ve had my pamper evening before holidays and I’ve shaved every hair off my body, I stupidly forget to pack a razor for when the hairs grow back – doh!
  12. Paracetamol – At less than 20p in supermarkets, stock yourself up on some just incase you are feeling a little poorly (or hungover ;)) whilst you’re out there.
  13. Mini’s – This year I have been super organised and got mini’s (dry shampoo, shaving foam, perfume, moisturiser, deodorant) just to save space and weight in my suitcase. I’ve also purchased empty bottles here which you can put shampoo and conditioner in to again, save more room too.
  14. Sunglasses – A lot of countries sell these really cheap, but why not pop to primark and buy as many as you like for £2 each and save yourself some time and effort.
  15. Books – Every time I’ve been away I’ve regretted not bringing a book and end up reading everyone else’s. If you’re okay on weight in your suitcase, definitely pop a few books in there too.
  16. Headphones – Perfect for on the plane or around the pool/beach. Also a good playlist can go with headphones; don’t forget to update your Spotify or iTunes before you go.


Also, don’t forget; before you go away to let your bank know you will be abroad (when and for how long – I managed to do this online), find out the best deals with your network provider so you don’t come home with a massive phone bill, make sure your hotel has good wifi, if not then research good local wifi spots within the area you are staying (always good to ring or text home so everyone knows you’re safe and sound) and lastly don’t forget to lock all your doors once leaving the house. A safe house creates a safe mind.

Are you going on holiday this year? What’s on your “holiday checklist”? Be sure to let me know and tell me if I’ve missed anything out myself. 🙂 xo.

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