Setting myself 5 mini goals


I am renowned for setting myself big, unrealistic goals at the beginning of the year and never ever sticking to them. I love new, fresh starts and always set myself goals like “loose 5 stone” “keep my flat/house tidy everyday” “cut all the negative people out in my life” “find a career” “save money” etc etc etc. As good as these goals might be, I never stick to them and give up after a few weeks. Its actually something that bugs me quite a bit, that I don’t have the motivation to stick to goals. So I’ve decided for the rest of the year I’m going to set myself a few mini goals which might help me stick to my bigger goals in the future. I have also promised myself to review these goals at the end of the year and see how I got on.

  • Have a self care day every week – Self care is so so important, I’ve decided every Sunday I’m going to relax, enjoy good food, pamper myself and slump on the sofa either reading a good book or binge watching a programme. Hopefully that way, it will set me up for a good, positive week.  
  • Join a gym – This might be the biggest goal for me due to the lack of confidence I have, but I really want to join a gym and go at least once a week. With that, I also want to eat more healthily but not focus so much on how much weight I’m loosing. 
  • Moisturise my face every day – I’m the world’s worst for not moisturising my body enough and sometimes not even taking my make up off, so I’m going to make sure I take my make up off and moisturise my face every day. I’ve actually been doing this already for the last two weeks and I’ve definitely noticed a difference, so I just need to keep it up now. 
  • Cook more – I get so lazy with cooking sometimes, I go through stages where I can’t be bothered and just buy loads of microwave meals as its easier. I’ve decided its time for me to start cooking again. I’m actually quite a good cook and enjoy it whilst I’m doing it. It’s also a lot healthier than crappy microwave meals. 
  • Take more photo’s – I absolutely love taking photo’s, especially using my canon camera. With the prettiest time of the year approaching and so many good photo opportunities around, I’m going to start taking my camera out wherever I go so I can start taking more, good quality pictures. 

Those are my mini goals for the rest of the year and I know they might seem like every day, normal stuff to some people but to me they’re something I want to change in my life. Hopefully, setting myself mini goals will help me with my bigger goals in life in the future. Are you any good at sticking to goals? Have you set yourself any goals for the rest of the year? Let me know 🙂 



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