Christmas Candles & Defusers | Blogmas #9

During winter is obviously the best time to use candles for sure, but the best scents of candles and defusers are definitely out around Christmas time. The smells are always fun and really add to decorations the Christmas decorations in the house. This year, instead of buying just one big candle, I decided to shop around a bit and bought a few little ones and some cheaper defusers – which of course, smell amazing.


I found these glade ones in Tesco on offer for £2 each but I think they are in Wilko for £1.75. The scents are so strong when lit (actually even when they’re not lit) and make the whole room smell amazing. They’re not too big either which is great for if you’re in work all day and don’t have enough time before Christmas to burn a big candle. Even if you see these candles anywhere, definitely just give them a smell – so worth it!


I had this Yankee Candle last year for Christmas and it smells exactly like all the holiday magic and spirit in one. This, along with Christmas Eve, is my all time favourite Christmas Yankee Candle and smells amazing in my living room.


Last but no means least is the defusers. I bought one from Home Bargains – mainly because it had berries on it and it looked really pretty but it also smells really good, and was only £3 something!? The other one I got from Primark for £3. They have a lovely range of defusers and candles in there for Christmas at the moment, so if you’re after some cheaper options I’d definitely have a browse at them.

What candles and defusers have you been loving this Christmas?

KJ x

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