Boardgames for Christmas Day | Blogmas #14

If anyone is like me, you’ll love a good board game over Christmas. Over the past couple of years, my board game collection has grown quite strong and I thought id share with you my favourite games to play over the festive period.


Obviously starting off with Monopoly. I think this is definitely a family favourite and you can get it in so many different ranges etc.. Just take a look here.

Next up is Cluedo. I bloody love the guessing game in this one. Its so exciting and fun and you can get this one in different ranges too. You can find them here.

Scrabble is another good one, especially for me as I get to work on my vocabulary. It’s also a pretty easy board game to play with all the family but you can obviously make it as easy or hard as you like. You can get yours here.

Hotel Tycoon is the next game I love playing. It is a Monopoly-like game in which hotel tycoons try to buy and build the best hotels in the world and compete for guests. This is another fun one to play with all the family and you can get yours here.

I really love knowledge based games (although I’m not the best at them) so Trivial pursuit is another favourite of mine. There are so many different ranges and easy/hard versions that you can get here.

So those are my favourite board games to play around Christmas. They also make really great Christmas presents. What are your favourite board games?

KJ x


  1. 14/12/2017 / 11:08 am

    I love Cluedo – I cottoned on to how it works and how you can win easily but it’s still fun! I used to love Monopoly but I don’t think it’s my favourite now. I’m a big fan of Trivial Pursuit, I’m a sucker for general knowledge!

    • kiirstenjones
      14/12/2017 / 3:39 pm

      Ooooo you’ll have to let me know haha. They’re all quite fun to play with the family aren’t they? I love a good board game!

  2. 14/12/2017 / 10:59 pm

    It’s different if you’re playing with a few people but if there’s only two of you I worked out to carefully listen to their accusations. If they’re in a room or saying a certain character and you don’t have it marked off either, it’s likely the card in the envelope. It would be harder to do that in a group as you receive less cards at the beginning.

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