Winter Skincare Routine | Blogmas #16

This time of the year is the absolute worst for dry skin, not just on my face but my whole body. I am normally really bad at trying to moisturise every day as its so cold, when I get out of the bath or shower I normally just want to put my pj’s on. But I’ve been good these last few weeks (hopefully I’ll keep it up) and I’ve been moisturising every other day. Today I thought I’d share with you my skincare routine for Winter and everything I use.

So since its winter I normally start off with having a long, hot, relaxing bath and whilst in the bath I take all my make up off using the Garnier Micellar Water. I then use soap, either from Lush or The Body Shop on my face just to make sure it is completely clean.


Once I’m out the bath I use Zoella’s body pudding and moisturise my whole body. It’s a very thick moisturiser so it leaves my skin feeling SUPER soft and hydrated. I then use an Avon purifying cleanser followed by Simple moisturiser. I do this every evening and I have to admit my spots have gone down loads, well I barely have any now and my skin looks much more glowy. I also use the Simple moisturiser every morning before putting on my make up and I’ve found it goes on much better and lasts longer each day.

Overall, I’m really happy and pleased now with my winter skincare routine and it’s becoming a good habit. What do you use for your skincare every day?

KJ x

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