What I’m Grateful For This Christmas | Blogmas #23

Christmas is always the time of year that makes me really appreciate everyone around me. It also really makes me appreciate the things I have in life that some people are less fortunate to have.

My family and boyfriend are absolutely everything to me. They are my rock and I wouldn’t have a clue where i’d be or who i’d be if it wasn’t for them. This year they have really supported whilst I’ve been going through buying my first house and have helped me in every way possible, so I think what I’m most grateful this Christmas is them.

My mental health is something I’ve really struggled with this year and although I’ve struggled with it, I’ve also learnt to take a step back and look after myself when I’ve needed too. I have self care nights at least once a week, I say no to things if I don’t want to do it or feel uncomfortable doing and I’ve cut people off who don’t make an effort anymore and stress me out. So I’m grateful for my health and strength this Christmas, I know I’m much fortunate than others and next year I really want to help people in mental health.

My best friends for always being the other end of the phone and keeping me sane whenever I’ve felt really down and low. My two best friends always message me about my blog and it makes me so happy knowing they love what I love doing. They’re the best.

Self care days are definitely something I’m grateful for as well. Sometimes when I’m having a bad week, my self care days and pamper evenings are the only thing I look forward to, so I’m extremely grateful for them.

Music, films and YouTube for entertaining me and taking me away from my real life when its been a bit crappy sometimes. I love listening to music late at night before I go to bed (strange I know) but I always find it helps me go to sleep quicker. Films always make me feel so cosy and happy and I usually watch a lot of positive and funny YouTube videos which make me smile and happy.

The last thing I’m grateful for this year is supportive bloggers. Before this year, I never really followed many bloggers on Twitter or Instagram, but now I’d class some of the people I’ve met online through my blog as my friends. I’ve met some of the most supportive people online, they support me more than some of my actual friends do. I will hopefully get the chance to meet some of them next year (going to be talking about these babes in a blog post Christmas Day).


What are you most grateful for this Christmas?

KJ x

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