Planning A Wedding Abroad

In June 2017, I watched my beautiful best friend tie the knot in a lovely hotel in sunny Cyprus. It was the perfect day.. the perfect weather, amazing photo’s, great food and we all didn’t stop smiling! But before that day, it never crossed my mind about ever getting married abroad.


Fast forward a year later and Dave proposed to me and suddenly I was thinking about where and when we’d get married. We’re both from Wales but currently live in Kent so had to decide where would be the best place to get married. Dave is such a laid back person that every different venue I suggested despite where it was he agreed to. In so many words he basically told me to just plan everything, let him know when he needed to pay towards something and when it was so he could turn up HAHA. That was until I suggested maybe getting married abroad and he was suddenly a lot more interested.


* (disclaimer: I’m getting married in Cyprus so using that as an example, but everything I’m talking about is the same for other places abroad) *


We popped into a TUI in Cardiff when we were back last summer just to get ideas and prices and within an hour we had booked a holiday and our wedding. We couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. We’ve gone for a wedding in the hotel were staying at and a few weeks after we had booked it, the wedding planners from Cyprus that TUI use emailed me sending me an online brochure of all the extras I could have. With our wedding package we already had flowers, a basic cake, transport to the town hall to sign the papers and breakfast in bed in the morning. I’ve since managed to book the reception and food, photographer, flowers and DJ all over email.

Although you can book your extra’s with the travel agents, you can also book everything else with people privately. I joined a few Facebook groups, Paphos Brides To Be Cyprus and my hotel’s Facebook brides to be page and there are quite a few people on there advertising their services. From wedding receptions to photographers to pop up bars to wedding buses to decorations, there’s absolutely loads on there.


You can also book your whole wedding privately. There are quite a few wedding planners who live in Cyprus who you can get in contact with, you tell them everything you want and they plan it all for you. Facebook is such a good social media site for you to find these and especially for reviews.

If anyone is thinking about getting married abroad I would honestly suggest you go for it. It may work out a little more expensive for your guests but for you it is SO much cheaper. The average wedding in the UK these days is £20k-£30k, but abroad can only be a 3rd of that and you get a holiday out of it.

The only downside (which is for some and not everyone like me) is that unless you fly out a few months before hand you don’t actually see your venue until a few days before the wedding. So I would strongly suggest doing your research if you can’t fly out before the wedding.


Here is some useful links that I think will help for anyone thinking of a wedding in Cyprus;


Good luck and happy wedding planning 🙂 xo.



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